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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare kitchen before the arrival of chefs
  • Clean kitchen before and after food service
  • Prepare ingredients beforehand – clean and chop vegetables
  • Clean kitchen equipment before and after use
  • Maintain cleanliness of kitchen at all times. Be prepared for surprise inspections.
  • Cook dishes under the supervision of the chef
  • Give suggestions to the chef regarding new preparation
  • Know menu thoroughly and be able to make each dish
  • Fill in for absent chefs
  • Help decorate interior of restaurant when needed
  • Train new staff
  • Coordinate with the other kitchen staff
  • Update restaurant accounts for head chef
  • Report any kitchen mishaps
  • Apply safety standards
  • Check/monitor safety equipment


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Promptly take orders and serve customers the correct dish
  • Be familiar with drink and food menus including daily specials
  • Learn about dish preparation to answer customer questions
  • Be attentive toward customer
  • Fill half-empty glasses of water immediately
  • Greet customers upon seating
  • Verify customers who order alcoholic drinks meet legal drinking age requirements
  • Remove empty plates and silverware once customers are done with food
  • Bring final bill to the customer in a timely manner
  • Maintain a professional attitude and clean, well-fitting uniform at all times


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages for bar and restaurant patrons
  • Interact with customers, take orders, serve snacks and drinks
  • Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
  • Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails
  • Plan and present bar menu
  • Check customers’ identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age
  • Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Welcome guests to the venue
  • Provide accurate wait times and monitor waiting lists
  • Manage reservations
  • Escort customers to assigned dining or bar areas
  • Provide menus and announce waiter/waitress’ name
  • Greet customers upon their departure
  • Coordinate with wait staff about available seating options
  • Maintain a clean reception area
  • Cater to guests who require extra attention (e.g. children, elderly)
  • Answer incoming calls and address customer queries
  • Assist wait staff as needed
  • Nurture an excellent guest experience
  • Comply with all food and beverage regulations


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collect used kitchenware from dining and kitchen areas
  • Load and unload dishwashing machines
  • Wash specific items by hand (e.g. wooden cutting boards, large pots, and delicate dishes)
  • Store clean dishes, glasses, and equipment appropriately
  • Set up workstations before meal prep begins
  • Ensure there are always enough clean dishes, glasses, and utensils, especially during peak hours
  • Maintain cleaning supplies stock (e.g. detergents) and place orders when necessary
  • Check washing machines’ operation and promptly report any technical/performance issues
  • Remove garbage regularly
  • Sanitize the kitchen area including the floor